In the field with horses...
Sometimes it helps to venture out of the office, step back from the day to day and give your team an opportunity to reconnect and (re)gain traction.   Our HorseSense Program provides such an opportunity.   HorseSense is about mindful learning—a critical component of becoming a more effective leader, manager, communicator and partner-- with the help of horses.

For centuries, horses were part of leadership development, because learning with them fosters such courage, strength, creativity and willingness to take risks—as well as patience and determination.  When we follow a powerful, confident and caring leader, we do so voluntarily.  We’re willing to take risks because that leader has earned our trust and respect.  The same holds true for horses, who require us to be fully present, mindful of everything in our environment, showing up with the confidence, clarity and focus that typifies strong leadership. 

In the company of horses, we experience firsthand how our speech, thoughts and behaviour affect our ability to influence.  The horse tends to mirror what’s going on within us as well as what we’re revealing on the outside.  So, through the process of experiencing this very tangible feedback, we recognise our strengths and weaknesses, making small self-corrections as we learn to lead from within.
How are our sessions structured?
  • Designed to draw out the dynamics of human vs. horse, and individual vs. group, each session helps participants gain a sound understanding of several fundamental mindful leadership principles, followed by practical application of that understanding through ground exercises with the horses and with one another.
  • A typical session engages participants in a combination of ground exercises and facilitated learning segments of theory and practical application. Throughout the program, individual challenges and successes are noted. During debriefing sessions, activities are reviewed in a stimulating group discussion. All insights, outcomes and implications are captured, and a preliminary plan for moving forward is defined by the full group. The uniqueness of each program is a result of direct parallels that participants identify for themselves between what happens in the arena and what happens at home or work.
Nikki is Israels only licensed practitioner certified by HorseDream International Partner Program and is a longstanding member of the European Association of Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE). HorseSense is part of a worldwide network of experienced facilitators who have been licensed to work with horses for the benefit of personal and professional development (EAPD). 
Nikki's other credentials include: 
  • Certified Facilitator:  Equine Assisted Personal Development
  • Licensed HorseDream International Partner for Equine Assisted Professional Development
  • Certification: Train the Trainer Program for EAPD: Erbach, Germany 
  • Certification:  Therapeutic Riding Instructor for PATH
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner, Levels I and II
  • Certified Masterson Method Equine (Bodywork) Practitioner
  • Leadership Coursework, Epona with Linda Kohanov, Tucson, AZ


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