What our clients have to say...

  • "Nikki, it’s been a truly wonderful week, thank you so much!  The way you set the tone, moved between subjects and guided us during this very complicated week is something to admire.  You did an amazing job and I’m sure we will see the results in the next few weeks.  I have no doubt that we are going to have follow-up sessions with you in the very near future. From my entire team, Thank you."  -----VP, R & D, ZoomInfo
  • "Nikki, you are a great partner and amazing facilitator for both face to face and remote sessions. What I loved in our work together was your deep involvement and willingness to learn new things. It is not a given among consultants!"  -----V.P. Human Resources—The Americas
  • "Nikki is just one terrific facilitator! We are fortunate to have access to her talents."  -----V.P., Human Resources--USA
  • "The feedback I am getting is nothing less than excellent. I know the hard work and timeless effort that went into it...  I just wanted to say I appreciate it; that you are a true professional and that I am looking forward for the next opportunity to work with you."  -----HR Manager—London, England
  • "Your true talent is your ability to read and gauge a full room of strangers immediately and share your feedback with them so that they get maximum benefit from your sessions.  I think it must be all the time you spend with the horses – their instincts have worn off on you!"  ----HR Consultant, Singapore
  • "I can be hard to please, but I must tell you, Nikki was excellent.  We were a large group of 40.  Nikki was great at delivering the messages to us clearly and concisely.  She kept us on track and focused.  She put all of us at ease and this allowed people to freely express themselves. Her interaction with the group was relaxed and familial.  Nikki had us really explore the values as they relate to our various groups."   -----Client Business Executive VP—Toronto
  • "Nikki is a true professional both in terms of her knowledge and the way she interacts with people. She is very clear in communicating her key messages and in keeping things on track. She interacts with each participant so no one feels left out, and always invites feedback. Through actual life experiences, Nikki shows participants how the concepts she presents relate directly to their daily lives. All this is done with great charm and skill, so that we are learning while having fun at the same time-- Well done, Nikki!"  -----Senior Consultant, Baan PLM--Israel
  • "In the spirit of sharing, I would like to say thank you for upholding such a professional standard. You exceeded my expectations of a facilitator and set the benchmark for going forward.  Your style is honest, down to earth, straightforward, engaging and impeccably well-paced. Your knowledge of the materials and our company culture is priceless."   -----Division Pres., Global High Tech Company
  • "You are really special and did an amazing job! I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Nikki for the great work done. It was indeed the best strategy days I have participated in, and I believe we made a huge step forward in focusing on the right things to make the change! Thank you, Nikki for facilitating it for us (we are not easy)… and you made it – big time!"  -----VP HR & Senior Staffing---Amdocs
  • "Your summary is just brilliant and I will use it as a daily guide. I plan to use the materials together with my team to help us understand better who we are, and how can we work better with each other---I'm quite sure, they too will enjoy this experience. Again, thank you very much for this enjoyable and memorable experience."   ---Software Proj. Mgr., 3-day Course--Germany
  • "This seminar was outstanding! I was very pleased with the presentation, overall makeup of the seminar and the presenter. Nikki did a great job of keeping things moving, fun and upbeat. The combination of cultural issues, MBTI profiles and focus on making changes/addressing challenges within our company provided us with great information about how we interact with each other as well as giving us all some insights into ourselves." -----Exec. Dir., Billing and Production—T-Mobile, USA
  • "Nikki, I thrived on the way you led this session.  For me the fact that there were so many interactive exercises and that you clearly understood and tailored these to marketing was hugely beneficial.  Also, often on courses the leader is very "black and white", you truly empathised with the fact that there are no hard and fast rules and that there is not always a perfect answer.  I really liked this, I felt we could be extremely open in our discussions and it allowed us to have the confidence and be proactive without being judged and therefore maximised the benefit from our time spent outside of the office."   -----Participant, Marketing Leadership Course, USA
  • "Nikki is a wonderful facilitator, as anyone who has ever been in one of her sessions will attest.  I want to thank her for making her sessions so interesting and beneficial by applying just the right mix of fun, participative exercises, theory and practical application.  It would be even more interesting to have one of your leadership sessions with the horses someday…"  -----Dev. Director, Leadership Course, Atlanta, Georgia.

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