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Cultivating Trust

Almost as hard as CULTIVATING TRUST, is DEFINING it.  Our perspective on the meaning of trust influences who one defines it.  

If someone was to ask you if your company culture is characterised by trust, what would you say? To simplify how you might define your response, let me share 3 "types" of trust that could drive what you say:

  1. Capabilities (Do I trust you have the skill/abilities to make decisions and take action?
  2. Communication (Do I trust you to tell the truth, share relevant information, admit mistakes, keep confidentiality, speak with positive intent?: 
  3. Character (Do I trust you to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries, keep commitments, manage mutual expectations, delegate when appropriate, be consistent in actions?
It's likely that, while we may trust someone in 1+ area, we may not all three areas. Defining area(s) in which our trust is low, enables our partner to address issues in a specific and meaningful way. It also provides us with a concrete way of discussing our challenges because we need not say "I don't trust you." Rather, we can get to the crux of what's bothering us.
Rarely do most of us stop to dissect what's behind our (lack of) trust.
Categorising trust this way increases our awareness and gives us a language to help break down the barriers!

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