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Stick Your Neck Out!

Stick your neck out!

Sometimes I stick my neck out too far because I'm afraid of missing out. One of my colleagues, Julio Rodrigo De Villasante y Gamba of Mexico, reminded me of this all too common feeling that many of us experience (FOMO-fear of missing out).

I've realised that when it happens to me it's because I'm paying far too much attention to what others are doing and begin worrying that maybe I'm missing something--which only leads to fragmentation of focus -- and loss of traction. It's easy to feel this way in this fast-paced, competitive environment in which no one wants to be left behind.

It takes practice to filter out what we truly need and disregard the rest. I force myself to stop, take a deep breath, and reconnect with my original purpose.
When I invite groups to come work with my horses, the performance anxiety, fear of missing out or doing something wrong quickly evaporates as people become fully present to themselves and each other. And that's what it takes--finding something that grounds you and brings you back to YOU..



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