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Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears

I’m afraid of heights. I get this overwhelming fear that in a moment, without thinking, I’ll jump!?!? BUT when I visit my daughter in Utah, she loves to head off to the rocks and of course, I wanted to be a good sport so off I went. (Yes, this IS me up there!) This is the second time for me, and no, it wasn’t much easier than the first time last year (although it was a higher degree of difficulty!) But I did know what to expect so, despite the burning muscles and shaky arms, at least my heart wasn’t pounding.
But here’s the thing. When we dare to step outside our comfort zone to face our fears, even just the smallest bit, our comfort zone expands. Little by little, we grow in confidence and courage. And THAT’S what takes us further and further along our development path. We learn that we CAN face the fear and live to tell a great story—and to take increasingly bigger steps down the path we thought we’d never travel. So what fears can you address to boost your courage and self-confidence? If you need any help, I’m here… 



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