Learning From Leaders Program Details:

Welcome to our unique “Learning from Leaders” online leadership development program in which leaders like you have stepped outside traditional boundaries into a new “field” of learning—with horses.

“What do horses have to do with leadership?” You might ask. A valid question…

Horses exemplify leadership qualities. Driven by instincts, they have honed their intuitive abilities--quickly and thoroughly scanning their environment, noticing subtle cues, acting on what they see, and returning to a state of calm—within a matter of moments. When we observe them, we might see ourselves in a certain horse, or their interactions may act as a metaphor for something we’re facing at work.

Learning from horses brings us face to face with who we are.

With horses, we can let go of “should’s” and “musts” – and act on instinct, just like they do. Learning is only limited by our willingness to explore what they can teach—either by observing them as they interact with each other and with people—or by sharing their space—feeling the essence of who they are.  We are delighted and excited to present details about our “Learning From Leaders” Modular Program through which you can explore the choices you have as leaders—choices that will help you gain confidence, bring more value, and allow you to sleep soundly at night. So Let go, relax, and enjoy the “ride”...

Our Program:
Our learning program addresses four key areas identified by our clients in 19+ countries. Designed to honor individual flexibility and provide 1:1, individualised attention, we have structured the program as follows:
  • Four 90-minute LIVE online modules every other week to address the following four topics:
  1. Self-Awareness and Leadership Presence: In this first module we lay the foundation for understanding what constitutes leadership and begin the process of strengthening self-awareness,  demonstrating it’s relevance to developing desired leadership qualities. You will gain clarity and understanding around your own preferred leadership approach as well as expand both your familiarity and comfort with other approaches.
  2. Motivating & Creating Engagement: Here we move on to explore what constitutes ‘true’ relationships at work and how we find the optimal balance between getting the job done and cultivating positive and productive relationships.  We also address the ‘role’ of discomfort for leaders as part of growth and learning-- because it is never easy to look inward when things don’t play out as planned…
  3. Moving Through Change & Disruption:  Change is inevitable and the first step to managing it well is to learn to overcome resistance (yours and others’). Next we must learn to effectively understand and address fears and concerns, and ultimately learning to increase resilience while sustaining vitality. We will examine the dynamics of change, disclosing what’s really happening 'behind the scenes'— providing the baseline knowledge you need to know to help others move through change with greater ease.
  4. A Look at Team Dynamics: This module takes participants through an exploration of the many roles leaders must assume as they lead and support their teams, learning what it takes to be maximally effective, given the situation, the level of risk, the person (or persons) with whom you are interacting and your own preferred leading style. 
  • Four 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions every other week for each participant to answer questions, discuss the weeks’ content, and address any issues the participant is facing.
  • Closing session for full group 4-6 weeks after the final session to address final questions, review key learning points, summarise content and bring closure.
  • Optional:  Ongoing coaching for those who would like to continue
Program Investment: US $1175


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This program is the result of an international collaboration between a small group of professional senior consultants with 60+ years of collective experience in coaching and leadership development in the corporate environment. In addition to their demonstrated expertise in equine-supported learning and development, they are united by their common belief in the power of horses to break through traditional learning barriers, and, as a result, they have joined forces to offer this program in English, Swedish and German.

This is my colleague, Heike Andreschak from Germany.  For program details in German, please CLICK HERE 

And this is my colleague, Eva Svenson from Sweden! For program details in Swedish, please CLICK HERE 

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