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Coaching for Clarity:  Gaining Traction in a World of Covid-19
Are you experiencing some level of upheaval these days?  Maybe you are experiencing a low level of anxiety, decrease in motivation, or lack of clarity.  Perhaps you’re even asking yourself the question “What do I really want?”

I can help. 

Through 1:1 zoom sessions, I help people navigate complex issues and challenges they face as they struggle with restructuring their work/home responsibilities.  Finding the most appropriate balance among multiple demands is what helps us feel more energized, motivated and successful.  Naturally, that means carving out personal time as well. 

Throughout the past weeks/months,  I’ve witnessed many people experiencing uncertainty and feeling unbalanced as the work environment shifts under their feet.   Some impatiently await the time when they can return to the office.  Others have found they actually prefer working from home and don’t want to return to the office.  This is creating stress for employees, for managers and for entire companies as business needs are examined against and alongside employee needs.

Common PROFESSIONAL issues people currently struggle with include: “How can I…”
•    Continue to find time for my family as I return to working in the office?
•    Maintain my motivation when so many things have changed around me?
•    Stay connected and “in the loop” with people working from home?
•    Effectively maintain ‘control’ when managing employees remotely?
•    Optimally structure my work day in today’s “new normal”?
•    Build and sustain a foundation of trust/respect with employees remotely?
•    Balance sensitivity to employee needs with expected business outcomes?
Common PERSONAL issues people struggle with include: “How can I…”
•    Address stress/anxiety concerning Covid-19?
•    Make a healthy transition to work post lockdown?
•    Find ways to recharge and maintain vitality?
•    Examine my changing perspectives/values awakened during months of working from home?
Often, sharing and exploring what we’re experiencing allows us to take a broader perspective, making it easier to identify our personal “triggers”.  Awareness of those triggers AND an honest assessment of what we’re truly pursuing is the foundation of (re)gaining momentum. 

Through a mutually defined program of online weekly or bi-weekly meetings, I help my clients untangle uncertainty, confusion and anxiety around both their personal and professional challenges. (Often, they are related.)  With compassion, empathy and business acumen, I support them in identifying and acknowledging what’s at the core of their experience, before moving on to determine ways to strengthen their awareness, objectively view situations, and take action. 

I’ve been helping individuals and teams for 30+ years as a corporate facilitator, leadership coach and business consultant.  My clients come to appreciate my ability to help then translate their experiences to concrete, practical shifts in both their formal and informal leadership roles in a way that brings lasting results.  In the words of a couple of clients:

•    “Your coaching program truly helped something within gel -- it’s something I have known all along but never really understood before…”
•    “Working with Nikki helped me understand the real differences between the people I manage.  It gave me effective tools to best fit my approach for each of my direct reports…”

Chemistry between coach and coachee is critical. I invite you to schedule a free, no obligation 15 minute introductory call for an opportunity to introduce ourselves to one another and determine whether we believe we are a good fit! 
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