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Slowing Down...

What Happens When Leaders Slow Their Pace?

What Happens When Leaders Slow Their Pace?

They achieve objectives more quickly!
By being fully present, they can delve deeper into objectives, addressing inevitable complexities and challenges with greater ease. But do we seek out the leaders who take that kind of time to act? No… We tend to look for those whose pace is fast and hard. While it may sometimes be warranted, it’s not enough. Furthermore, working at top speed saps valuable energy and adds unnecessary levels of complexity.
So why are some leaders reluctant to slow down?
Because most believe that maintaining tight control is the best way to lead. They believe control is gained by structuring problems and (trying) to guarantee outcomes. So they conduct brief discussions, moving quickly to a decision. Perhaps that worked well when business was simpler, but today’s challenges are much too complex and multi-faceted.
Slowing down to reach a deeper understanding of business complexities is often more prudent. When we take our time, we do it knowing we WILL find a solution by being mindful of our intentions and fully present to what’s happening around us. People are often surprised at how investing a little time in exploring and understanding a challenge better actually results in faster decision-making and execution, with less energy! In summary, if you’re a leader fighting to keep pace try …
  • Acknowledging that today’s challenges are getting increasingly more complex.
  • Taking the time to explore, discuss, understand and align.
  • Having faith that there is always going to be a solution.
  • Putting other things aside and being fully present—mindfully directing yours and others’ energy, attention and INTENTION to each challenge as it arises.

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